On Wednesday October 17th, Quality Group and Sunnyseeker Hospitality officially announced a new impressive hospitality project in Larnaka: Cyprus’ first EXECUTIVE RESIDENCY ZENON HOTEL by BEST WESTERN HOTELS & RESORTS.

With its “Feel right at home” motto, the Executive Residency Zenon by Best Western is Cyprus’ first serviced apartments hotel of its kind, further enriching Larnaka’s hospitality scene, establishing the coastal city as the new dynamically developed hotel destination in Cyprus.

Strategically located within the commercial heart of the city of Zenon and in close proximity to shops, services and other amenities required by today’s contemporary traveller, Executive Residency Zenon Hotel was created to cater to the needs of the demanding visitor, offering a home-like, but at the same time luxurious environment with superior style. It boasts 39 spacious (studios 1 and 2-bedroom); the hotel also comprises a spa, a pool on the 4th floor, an impressive lobby, cafeteria, snack bar and 42 parking spaces.  

Best Western, based in Arizona, USA, is a global hotel giant with over 4,000 hotels and motels. Best Western’s Executive Residency brand - with its “home away from home” concept - is specially designed to offer stylish comfort and top-quality services for travelers required to stay away from home, even for extended periods of time. It’s this kind of hospitality that makes every traveler feel “at home”.

During the recent press conference, Quality’s Group CEO and Chairman, Mr. Savvas Kakos, emphasized: “Executive Residency Zenon Hotel is yet another innovative landmark project for Larnaka, filling the city’s hospitality map. We offer a unique product, bearing the name of one of the largest hotel corporations in the world and we feel particularly honored by the trust placed in our group, while also carrying a sense of great responsibility. We are very excited about this new project, and we are commencing construction shortly, expecting the hotel to be operated in 2020. Quality Hospitality, one of the main pillars of Quality Group, has great faith in this hotel concept and we are ready to announce other similar projects, under the seal of quality guaranteed by Best Western, and the contribution of our strategic partner, Sunnyseeker Hospitality”.

best western zenon inner

Marios Polyviou, CEO of Sunnyseeker Hospitality, stressed that: “Once again, a global hotel corporation places its trust in Quality Group and Sunnyseeker Hospitality, for the growth and effective operation of an Executive Residency Hotel. Larnaka’s hotel development will continue; we will keep developing new projects under the highest operational and service standards, geared towards travelers who demand hospitality services of the highest level. It’s no coincidence that we turned to Best Western. It’s undeniably one of largest hotel and motel operators in the world. It develops high quality hotel products for the contemporary traveler who seeks specialized services, comfort and stylish hotel accommodation.  It’s also no coincidence that we chose to launch Cyprus’ first Executive Residency in Larnaka. We strongly believe that Larnaka has become a tourist and hotel destination with the greatest prospects on the island. It is therefore imperative to create products that meet market needs in the best possible way. We are committed to continuing our work with Quality Hospitality to develop hotels that will become “examples to follow” for our competition to strive towards”.

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