The Cypriot Passport among the top in the world

The holders of the Cypriot Passport should now know that it ranks amongst the top in the world according to recent findings of "PASSPORT Index".

The Cypriot Passport assumes the 13th place in the power rank and 36th position globally in the individual rank of the survey, thus allowing holders to travel without the requirements of a visa to 146 countries.

With its privileged position Cyprus, ranks above destinations like Lichtenstein, Monaco and Brazil.
The highest passport scores belong to no other that Germany, as its holders can travel to 158 countries, visa-free. Following Germany are Sweden, Finland and France, respectively.

The UK has a global mobility score of 156, the United States 155 and the Russian Federation 104.

Greece has a Passport Power Rank of 7, with a Global Mobility Score of 152.

The endless opportunities and possibilities are formed into perspective once an individual obtains the Cypriot Passport, one of the best in the world.

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