Quality Group develops innovative solutions and investment opportunities for its customers, through its four distinct pillars (Property Development, Hospitality, Education, Medical) by acquiring a 360 ® understanding of the marketplace and the needs and wants of its clients.

Keeping up with innovative advances in the technology of construction and development, along with our policy for an unrivaled customer service, Quality Group is motivated to produce the best possible product and service.

With a clear vision and superior quality, the strategy of the company has always been the same. To continually exceed the expectations of our clients and place ourselves in the leading role of the innovating development of our country.

Corporate Spirit

Since breaking ground on its first property project, Quality Group has been devoted to “Evolving Cyprus.” The company continues to design, build, manage and maintain unique, innovative and entirely client-oriented lifestyle architectural concepts. Every Quality Group project offers residents a superlative living experience in harmony with the neighboring community and surrounding ecosystem. It is this spirit, and the commitment it inspires, that has given Quality Group its stellar reputation Worldwide. Quality Group people’s capabilities give an obligation to act responsibly and to do everything they can to affect the best outcomes and prudently manage risk. Particularly, as Quality Group’s we:

Our ethical policy

  • Operate honorably and with integrity, both with our clients and with our vendors, and within our community
  • Maintain confidentiality in all of our client’s relationships
  • Comply with all governmental regulations and requirements
  • Exercise due diligence on all advisors and clients
  • Attend industry events and forums to learn and enact industry best practices
  • Plan for future growth and ROI
  • Maintain our peerless reputation in every market in which we operate


TEL: +357 24 821855
FAX: +357 24 662922
Constantinou Paleologou 41,
6036  Larnaca, Cyprus


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