Quality Group’s objectives derive from the duty to fully understand the needs of existing and potential customers, thus building first and foremost, a strong bond of trust that will eventually lead to the construction of cutting edge properties.

Keeping up with groundbreaking advances in the technology of construction, along with an embed policy of an unrivaled customer service, motivates Quality Group to produce the best possible end product.

With a clear vision and superior quality, the strategy of the company has always been the same. To continually exceed the expectations of our clients and place ourselves in the leading role of the innovating development of our country.

Corporate Spirit

The company has been upholding the corporate spirit of ‘‘The Art of Building’’ since developing its first property project. Through conceiving client-oriented architectural concepts whilst pursuing high-quality living environment and harmonious community as goals, Quality Group has successfully built up its brand name in the Domestic and International market.

Our ethical policy

  • Act with integrity and honour in all our business
  • Recognise our responsibility of confidentiality in all our client relationships
  • Comply with the legal & governmental requirements
  • Earn our client’s trust by focusing on their needs and delivering excellent service
  • Exercise due diligence on all advisors and clients
  • Join industry forums to achieve industry best practice
  • Sustain our future growth and enrich our reputation


TEL: +357 24 821855
FAX: +357 24 662922
Constantinou Paleologou 41,
6036  Larnaca, Cyprus


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